SW Champs bidding process

South West Regional Clubs are invited to submit their bid for hosting the 2017 South West Champs at the next Regional meeting to be held at Elmore Football Club, Tiverton on Monday 23rd January.

Each club wishing to submit a bid will be required to present their bid at the meeting. Presentations can only be held at the meeting and cannot be done at a later date. Each club submitting their proposal will put their bid to the SW Regional Committee. Once all presentations have been receieved, each club in attendance at the meeting will then vote on their choice. In the event of there being a tie, there will be a revote only on the tied bids.

The SW Championships are a stand-alone event hosted by an individual club under the following guidelines issued by and with the support of the SW Regional Committee:

  • There will be no novice racing.
  • Novices that have ridden throughout the season can join their respective expert class as long as they have ridden at least one novice regional round.
  • Trophies are to be provided by the host club for the top 3 riders in each class. All remaining riders are to receive a commemorative medal. (A vote is to be held at the meeting to confirm whether £100 will be donated by each club towards SW Champs trophies, the region would provide this sum within 8 weeks of the agreed date for the event)
  • All race fees are returned to the host club (except for the British Cycling levies which are TBC). The race fees can be expected to be in the region of £2,500 which will be paid to the host club within 14 days after the event.
  • Raceday requirements must be run in accordance with the SW Club Guide.
  • Race classes will be as per the regional series.
  • The SW Regional Committee will provide South West 1 plates; these can only be won by a rider that is a member of a South West BMX Club, as the top ranked finishing rider in each class.
  • South West first place trophies may be taken by an out of region rider if they have met the qualifying criteria.
  • The date can be suggested by the host club but a provisional date of Sunday 10th September is currently held.
  • Presentations including additional ideas, such as a presentation evening, an end of season party, camping/accommodation, etc., will be very welcome.