Rider Number Plates 2017

Please see below the plate numbers allocated for existing riders for the 2017 season. For riders wishing to change to a class different to that listed, please inform admin@swbmxracing.co.uk.

Update: For those riders who have already had plates made with numbers different to those stated below, please inform admin@swbmxracing.co.uk and we will update the form accordingly

For those that are new to BMX in the South West and did not compete in the 2016 season, your race plate is based on the last three digits of your British Cycling licence no.

  • Each bicycle entered into an event within the series must have a number plate attached to the front of the handlebars
  • Number plates must be made of plastic or other similar flexible material
  • Plate Height 20 cm Width 25 cm
  • Digits Height 10cm Line width 1.5 cm
  • All expert riders from within the region must ride on a green plate with black numbers
  • All expert riders from outside of the region can ride on their respective regional plate
  • Novice riders can ride on any colour plate
  • All riders must ride with a white sideplate/sticker with black numbers. The minimum height of the number must be 8 cm with a width of 1 cm and with a gap of 1 cm between numbers. These numbers must match that on the front plate and be on both sides of the bike and not folded or curved. No other logo, graphics or colour is allowed within the number area of the plate. All prefixes and suffixes must be the same size as above, i.e. W1 and not w1
  • In all BMX events a rider must display the number assigned to him according to the rules set forth in the event information. A rider who fails to display the correct number may be relegated.
  • Regional Elite / Championship Female can ride their career numbers if preferred.
  • Riders who won the South West Championships in 2016 can choose between riding the SW1 plate or their ranking from last year.
  • Riders who won the British Championships in 2016 can choose between riding the 01 plate or their ranking from last year.

For any queries with the numbers allocated please contact admin@swbmxracing.co.uk

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