Raceday Schedule


0900Rider Sign-In & On-The-Day Registration Opens
0930-1005Track practise (12 & Under)
1005-1030Track practise (13+ / Cruisers)
1030-1105Gate practise (12 & Under)
1105-1130Gate practise (13+ / Cruisers)
1130-1145Elite practise (Only required if track has a pro straight)
1000On-The-Day Registration closes
1100Rider Sign-In closes
1130Pre sheets posted
1145Moto sheets posted
1200Racing starts
3 Qualifying motos
Followed by run-offs (if needed)
15 minute break
Quarter finals (if needed)
10 minute break
Semi Finals
15-30 minute break
Novice Finals
C Finals (and others if required)
B Finals
A Finals

All times are approximate and may be adjusted if necessary.

All personnel are volunteers here to support the racing, please show them respect and enjoy your day.