Regional School of Racing – Session 1, 15th March, Tiverton

Mark Seaman came to Tiverton to host the first of 3 RSR sessions for 2017  . 10 South West riders were selected, from not only the cluster session but also from their performances at the two South West regionals. The riders were assessed on their ability, attitude, willingness to learn and their drive to practice and improve on the skills that they had learnt.

The 10 riders that attended were –

Miriam Peel (Burnham)
Aggie Harrison (Tiverton)
Jamie Phillips (Bristol)
Logan Ford (Cornwall)
Charlie Knox (Tiverton)
Corbin Brown (Torbay)
Ben Avery (Decoy)
Liam Forsyth-Snell (Decoy)

Coaches – Sam Leggett, Charlie Leggett and Dan Hodge.

This session focused on flat land skills, but Mark did take it to the track for the last hour to demonstrate the benefits of putting your flat skills in to practice!

There was also a lot of focus on rider preparation and how a rider should be getting themselves ready to achieve the best results. This is something we will be adding to our cluster sessions from now on.

The next RSR with Mark is in July and will be more focused on track work. The selected riders may change each time, depending on attitude, improvement and again willingness to learn.

The next South West Cluster session is on Saturday 6th May 12.30 – 4.30pm, Torbay BMX Club, £10 per rider. All riders born in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 are invited to attend.

All of the sessions are aimed at improving the South West as a region and better preparing us for the Inter-regional at Manchester. Although the sessions are not directly linked to the Inter-regional they do help us as a team to focus on which riders have the qualities needed to succeed.

See you all at the next cluster session!

Many Thanks Tim Sampson