Annual General Meeting – Elmore Football Club, Monday 20th November 2017

The SWBMXA hereby gives notice of the

2017 Annual General Meeting

to be held at

Elmore Football Club, Horsden Park/Blundells Rd, Tiverton EX16 4DB


Monday 20th November 2017

at 19:30

The Annual General Meeting is open to all members of clubs within the South West BMX region, we encourage as many of you to attend as possible and to put yourselves forward for positions on the committee.


  1. Apologies
  2. Previous AGM minutes from 7th November 2016
  3. Chairmans Report
  4. Treasurers Report
  5. Season 2018
    1. Race classes
    2. First Aid
    3. Novice Racing
    4. Committee expenses
  6. Committee stands down
  7. New committee elected:
    1. Core Committee: Chairperson
    2. Core Committee: Vice Chairperson
    3. Core Committee: Secretary
    4. Core Committee: Treasurer
    5. Raceday Team: Race Organiser
    6. Raceday Team: Points Secretary
    7. Raceday Team: Chief Commissaire
    8. Raceday Team: Regional Welfare Officer
    9. Regional Committee: Regional Coaching Manager
    10. Regional Committee: Brits Organiser
    11. Regional Committee: PR / Comms / Social / Webmaster
    12. Regional Committee: Branding / Funding Coordinator

Role Descriptions


  • Is responsible for the effective functioning of the committee, to give clear leadership and direction keeping it focussed on its core functions.
  • Shall decide on every point of order
  • In the cases of equality of votes, shall have a second or casting vote
  • Will present a report on the Region’s activities since the previous AGM
  • Will produce and manage the implementation of a Regional Plan


  • The regional secretary shall within 10 days of SWBMXA meeting, send a written report to all attendees and clubs, the SWBMXA website and British Cycling
  • Inform club secretaries of race dates and subsequent race date changes
  • Document the series regulations and publish
  • Administer riders registering for the British Championships
  • Set a date for British Championships dispensation requests


  • The Treasurer will produce accounts of the Region for the latest financial year audited as the Committee shall decide
  • Set budget and document the distribution of funds process
  • Purchase administration equipment as required
  • Operate the banking procedure for race fee income
  • Ensure all cheque payments are countersigned

Vice Chairperson

  • Will support the Chairperson and take their place when absent or unavailable at any meetings or any business to be carried out

Race Organiser

  • Has overall responsibility for organisation of the regional series
  • With committee agree dates, budget, format and delivery of all events
  • Register and setup events with British Cycling
  • Organise appropriate First Aid
  • Contact and communicate with all team members
  • Publicise and promote events
  • Manage entries and communicate with riders
  • Organise equipment and signage
  • Conduct briefings and debriefings
  • Complete administration of forms, arrange payment of levies

Chief Commissaire

  • Carry out risk assessments for all regionals
  • Arrange suitable commissaires for all regionals
  • Oversee the recruitment of new commissaires and the ongoing development of existing commissaires
  • Assume responsibility for fair and safe conduct during racing
  • Act as Chief Commissaire for all regional events

Points Secretary

  • Run the raceday software for all regionals and South West Championships
  • Publish results to British Cycling

Regional Coach Organiser

  • Is responsible for the effective functioning of coaching throughout the region
  • To establish a regional coaching plan to improve the number of coaches throughout the region and their continued professional development
  • To liaise with British Cycling on organising cluster sessions, regional school of racing and the end of season Inter regional event
  • Where required liaise with riders and their parents on the criteria required to reach and progress within British Cycling’s development pathway

Brits Organiser

  • Organise the Brits parade, working within an agreed budget
  • Arrange the Rider number plates and race shirts
  • Organise the goody bags and oversee the distribution at the Championships

PR / Comms / Social Media / Webmaster

  • Manage the existing SWBMXA website, publishing news/content when required
  • Oversee all active social media accounts for the region, publish when required and react to any requests coming in via these channels
  • Produce reports and publish in a timely manner as soon after each regional event

Welfare Officer

  • Liaise with clubs and their own Welfare officers to assist with the safeguarding and protection of all children and young people racing within the SWBMXA
  • Coordinate clubs Welfare Officers to share knowledge and help raise standards across the region
  • Oversee all welfare issues at regional events, ensuring events run as incident free as possible

Branding / Funding Coordinator

  • Responsible, for pulling together potential funding bids and sponsors that benefit the whole SW BMX Region to improve quality and reduce costs
  • Creating some innovative branding for SW BMX and sourcing new clothing (with sponsor logos to reduce costs)