Rider Number Plates 2018

Please see below the plate numbers allocated for existing riders for the 2018 season. For riders wishing to change to a class different to that listed, please inform admin@swbmxracing.co.uk.

For those that are new to BMX in the South West and did not compete in the 2017 season, your race plate is based on the last three digits of your British Cycling licence no.

  1. Each bicycle entered into an event within the series must have a number plate attached to the front of the handlebars
  2. Number plates must be made of plastic or other similar flexible material
    1. Plate Height 20 cm Width 25 cm
    2. Digits Height 10 cm Line width 1.5 cm
  3. All expert riders from within the region must ride on a green plate with black numbers
  4. All expert riders from outside of the region can ride on their respective regional plate
  5. Novice riders can ride on any colour plate
  6. All riders must ride with a white sideplate/sticker with black numbers. The minimum height of the number must be 8 cm with a width of 1 cm and with a gap of 1 cm between numbers. These numbers must match that on the front plate and be on both sides of the bike and not folded or curved. No other logo, graphics or colour is allowed within the number area of the plate. All prefixes and suffixes must be the same size as above, i.e. W1 and not w1
  7. In all BMX events a rider must display the number assigned to him according to the rules set forth in the event information. A rider who fails to display the correct number may be relegated.
  8. Numbers have been allocated based on the class a rider competed in 2017.
  9. If a rider that rode up in 2017 decides to return to their correct age class in 2018, they should ride the last three digits of their BC license  or an allocated number will be provided if communicated to admin@swbmxracing.co.uk before 28th February 2018.
  10. If a rider decides to ride up in another class that is different to that allocated, they should ride the last three digits of their BC license or an allocated number will be provided if communicated to admin@swbmxracing.co.uk before 28th February 2018.
  11. The Championship Female, Female 17-24 and Female 25+ classes have been merged into one class for 2018. On this basis the Championship Female winner has been given Plate No 1, followed by the rest of that class before continuing through Female 17-24 and then Female 25+. To avoid confusion for finish line team the only rider eligible to ride the SW1 plate is the winner of the Championship Female class from the SW Championships.
  12. All adult Male Cruiser classes will be merged for racing purposes, creating a Supercruiser class. At the end of racing, points for each class will be broken out and allocated accordingly. For the purposes of racing the winner of the series for the Male 17-29 class has been given Plate No 1, followed by the rest of that class before continuing through the the rest of the Cruiser classes. To avoid confusion for the finish line team the only rider eligible to ride the SW1 plate is the winner of the Male 17-29 class from the SW Championships.
  13. All adult Female Cruiser classes will be merged for racing purposes, creating a Female Supercruiser class. At the end of racing, points for each class will be broken out and allocated accordingly. For the purposes of racing the winner of the series for the Female 17-29 class has been given Plate No 1, followed by the rest of that class before continuing through the the rest of the Cruiser classes. To avoid confusion for the finish line team the only rider eligible to ride the SW1 plate is the winner of the Female 17-29 class from the SW Championships.
  14. As with the Supercruisers, Masters and Veterans will be merged for racing purposes. At the end of racing, points for each class will be broken out and allocated accordingly. For the purposes of racing, the winner of the series for the Masters class has been given Plate No 1, followed by the rest of that class before continuing through the Veterans. To avoid confusion for the finish line team, the only rider eligible to ride the SW1 plate is the winner of the Masters class from the SW Championships.
  15. To avoid clashes, the holder of a SW1 plate can only ride the plate in the corresponding class to which they won the plate. eg. a rider who won the Male 11s cannot ride up in Male 13s and stay on the SW1 plate – they are only eligible to ride the SW1 plate in Male 12s.
  16. Regional Elite / Championship Female can ride their career numbers if preferred.
  17. Riders who won a World “W”, European “E” or British Championship “01” plate in 2017 can choose to ride that plate in the South West series. Where there is a clash of W/E/01 plates in a class, the rider in the correct age class will take priority and the other rider(s) will ride their plate allocated below.
NameSurnameClub2017 Class2018 Class2018 Race NoComment
JakeSMITHDecoy BMXMale 6 & underMale 6 & under3
MaxCHAPPLETiverton BMXMale 6 & underMale 6 & under6
OakleyHOLLOWAYDecoy BMXMale 6 & underMale 6 & under7
IsaacLEACHBath BMXMale 6 & underMale 6 & under9
TaylorHOARECornwall BMXMale 6 & underMale 6 & under10
SullivanCOLLISBath BMXMale 6 & underMale 6 & under11
BaileyPENNYBideford BMXMale 6 & underMale 72
JoelLLOYDBristol BMXMale 6 & underMale 74
ZackARTHURSTiverton BMXMale 6 & underMale 75
JackISONTiverton BMXMale 6 & underMale 78
JensonHUNTBurnham BMXMale 7Male 81SW1 - Male 7 Champion
BradleyJAMESDecoy BMXMale 7Male 83
LouisAVERYDecoy BMXMale 7Male 84
RileyPAYNEDecoy BMXMale 7Male 85
OllyKIRBYDecoy BMXMale 7Male 86
JesseGALEBristol BMXMale 7Male 87
NoahMARTINBideford BMXMale 7Male 88
SamuelLEACHBath BMXMale 7Male 89
JackWEEKSBath BMXMale 7Male 810
RyanISONTiverton BMXMale 7Male 811
LeoMARKSExeter Eagles BMXMale 7Male 812
ZackHARVEYCornwall BMXMale 7Male 813
OscarCORNELLCornwall BMXMale 7Male 814
HarrySHERETiverton BMXMale 7Male 815
SenshuFLUKESBristol BMXMale 6 & underMale 816SW1 - Male 6 & under Champion. Riding up.
OliverCOPPINGBristol BMXMale 8Male 91
HarryBANKSTorbay BMXMale 8Male 93SW1 - Male 8 Champion
JackBAILEYDecoy BMXMale 8Male 94
CharlieLUDWELLBath BMXMale 8Male 95
TheoCOTTRELLDecoy BMXMale 8Male 96
ZackAVERYDecoy BMXMale 8Male 97
BenjaminMULLERDecoy BMXMale 8Male 98
MaxDEMPSEYBideford BMXMale 8Male 99
KaydenWILLIAMSDecoy BMXMale 8Male 910
AustinHOWELLDecoy BMXMale 8Male 911
FinlayCOLLISBath BMXMale 8Male 912
ThomasMAJORCornwall BMXMale 8Male 913
LouisHURSTBurnham BMXMale 8Male 914
EthanWOODTiverton BMXMale 8Male 915
GeorgeAUGERExeter Eagles BMXMale 8Male 916
FintanCOCKBURNBath BMXMale 8Male 917
LouieSAUNDERSBideford BMXMale 8Male 918
DiegoZULHAYIRDecoy BMXMale 8Male 919
SidMILNEBath BMXMale 8Male 920
TomUSHERBath BMXMale 8Male 921
AidenTAYLORLlynfi BMXMale 8Male 922
KaydenKEMPBristol BMXMale 8Male 923
JagoPHILLIPSBristol BMXMale 8Male 924
FreddieFRANKLINBristol BMXMale 7Male 925Riding up
CurtisCOPELANDBristol BMXMale 9Male 101
HenryEYREDecoy BMXMale 9Male 102SW1 - Male 9 Champion
JedSMITHDecoy BMXMale 9Male 103
ColbyHOARECornwall BMXMale 9Male 104
MicahPRITCHARDCornwall BMXMale 9Male 105
AlfieFRYERBurnham BMXMale 9Male 106
OakleyHOOPERTorbay BMXMale 9Male 107
AlfiePENNYBideford BMXMale 9Male 108
CadenROBERTSCornwall BMXMale 9Male 109
GeorgeBULLIVANTDecoy BMXMale 9Male 1011
HarleyPEARCEYExeter Eagles BMXMale 9Male 1012
JagoPIERRECornwall BMXMale 9Male 1013
MatthewPARSONSBristol BMXMale 9Male 1014
RhodriJONESBristol BMXMale 9Male 1015
JensenLEDGERWOOD-BARRTiverton BMXMale 9Male 1016
KianJOHNLlynfi BMXMale 9Male 1017
SeamusDOHERTYDecoy BMXMale 8Male 1018Riding up
HarveyNIEMCZYKBristol BMXMale 10Male 111
JadenFLETCHERDecoy BMXMale 10Male 112
KalinCORYNCornwall BMXMale 10Male 113
AlfieHOLLOWAYDecoy BMXMale 10Male 114
BenCORNISHDecoy BMXMale 10Male 115
KaishuFLUKESBristol BMXMale 10Male 116
KieranBROWNING-PARSONSBurnham BMXMale 10Male 117
ScottMONRO-HIGGSExeter Eagles BMXMale 10Male 118
CallumTAYLORLlynfi BMXMale 10Male 119
HarveyWILKINSONTorbay BMXMale 10Male 1110
HarrisonCOLLISBath BMXMale 10Male 1111
ZackRAYNERCornwall BMXMale 10Male 1112
NoahJoseph MATTHEWSTiverton BMXMale 10Male 1113
KeonWILLIAMSDecoy BMXMale 10Male 1114
LewisUSHERBath BMXMale 10Male 1115
JackWHITBURN-WELCHBath BMXMale 10Male 1116
WillGURNERBurnham BMXMale 10Male 1117
LucasWASHBROOKDecoy BMXMale 10Male 1118
BobbyBURKETiverton BMXMale 10Male 1119
AshtonPURNELLBristol BMXMale 10Male 1120
JackCANNBristol BMXMale 10Male 1121
CharliePHIPPSBideford BMXMale 11Male 126
JensonEGANBristol BMXMale 11Male 128SW1 - Male 10 Champion. Riding up.
WilliamLUDWELLBath BMXMale 11Male 129
TaiBRIDDENDecoy BMXMale 11Male 1210
ChadLLOYDBristol BMXMale 11Male 1211
CruzitoBENNETTBristol BMXMale 11Male 1212
JobyROBERTSCornwall BMXMale 11Male 1213
SiennaHARVEYCornwall BMXMale 11Male 1214
EddieHARRISONTiverton BMXMale 11Male 1215
CharlieHAINESBath BMXMale 11Male 1216
EthanASHTONBristol BMXMale 11Male 1217
AshleyPEAKETiverton BMXMale 11Male 1218
BarneyROEBUCKBath BMXMale 11Male 1219
DylanBOLDBath BMXMale 11Male 1220
BrodieQUICKDecoy BMXMale 11Male 1221
MaxAVERYDecoy BMXMale 12Male 131
CallumCHARD-MAPLEExeter Eagles BMXMale 12Male 132Riding up
TaylorHUNTBurnham BMXMale 12Male 13301, Riding up
NedPRITCHARDCornwall BMXMale 12Male 134
KolbyELLISBideford BMXMale 12Male 135
EvanHOLMESBideford BMXMale 12Male 136
RioCAPRONBideford BMXMale 12Male 137
TaylorSAMPSONTiverton BMXMale 12Male 138SW1 - Male 12 Champion
CoreyHUNTDecoy BMXMale 12Male 139
JoannaBANKSTorbay BMXMale 12Male 1310
WilliamWHITBURN-WELCHBath BMXMale 12Male 1311
ChristopherDAVISBristol BMXMale 12Male 1312
JimmyGILSONTorbay BMXMale 12Male 1313
TobyGeorge MATTHEWSTiverton BMXMale 12Male 1314
TuscanJEMISONExeter Eagles BMXMale 12Male 1315
HarveyFRYERBurnham BMXMale 12Male 1316
JudeBROOKSBristol BMXMale 12Male 1317
CurtisGATTINGBideford BMXMale 12Male 1318
FinleyLYNCHBath BMXMale 12Male 1319
SonnyFLAVELLBideford BMXMale 11Male 1320Riding up
MilarGONZALESBristol BMXMale 11Male 1321Riding up
JacobDUNCANBristol BMXMale 11Male 1322Riding up
Sophie-MayHARRISExeter Eagles BMXMale 11Male 1323SW1 - Female 11-12 Champion. Riding up.
MeganKIRBYDecoy BMXFemale 11-12Male 1324Riding across
NedPENNYBath BMXMale 11Male 1325Riding up. SW1 - Male 11 Champion
BetsyBAXBristol BMXMale 11Male 1326Riding up. W5 or 01
DylanSHIPTONBristol BMXMale 13Male 142
HarveyGATTINGTiverton BMXMale 13Male 143
JacobREYNOLDSCornwall BMXMale 13Male 144
BenWILLSTiverton BMXMale 13Male 145
AdamBRAMLEYCornwall BMXMale 13Male 146
BradeyCHUGGBideford BMXMale 13Male 147
BillyCARDBath BMXMale 13Male 1410
GeorgeWEBLEYBath BMXMale 13Male 1411
CharlieKNOXTiverton BMXMale 14Male 151SW1 - Male 14 Champion. Riding up.
CorbinBROWNTorbay BMXMale 14Male 152
GarryMCMAHONTorbay BMXMale 14Male 153
KylePEARCEYExeter Eagles BMXMale 14Male 154
NathanBATSTONETiverton BMXMale 14Male 155
JamesNORTHCOTTCornwall BMXMale 14Male 156
TaylorNUTTBristol BMXMale 14Male 157
TylerATKINS BAILEYExeter Eagles BMXMale 14Male 158
BaileySQUIBBTorbay BMXMale 14Male 159
TomTHOMPSONBristol BMXMale 14Male 1510
JoelBROOKSBath BMXMale 14Male 1511
MalachiMILNEBath BMXMale 13Male 1512SW1 - Male 13 Champion. Riding up.
LoganFORDCornwall BMXMale 15Male 161SW1 - Male 15 Champion
AlfieBAXBristol BMXMale 15Male 163Riding up
SamPENNYBath BMXMale 15Male 164Riding up
HarrisonPASCOE-WHITEBideford BMXMale 15Male 165
DannyNICHOLLSTiverton BMXMale 15Male 166Riding up
ReeceCORNELIUSBurnham BMXMale 15Male 167
KieronSAUNDERSBristol BMXMale 15Male 168
BenAVERYDecoy BMXMale 15Male 169Riding up
LeoFORSYTH-SNELLDecoy BMXMale 15Male 1610Riding up
RyanEWINGSExeter Eagles BMXMale 15Male 1611
RyanMILLSCornwall BMXMale 15Male 1612
MiriamPEELBurnham BMXMale 15Male 1613SW1 - Female 15-16 Champion. Riding across.
JoshuaFRAMPTONTorbay BMXMale 15Male 1614
RyanBEVANExeter Eagles BMXMale 15Male 1615
HarleyPERRYCornwall BMXMale 15Male 1618
AlishaHUNTDecoy BMXFemale 17-24Male 1619SW1 - Female 17-24 Champion. Riding down
OliverFAYTiverton BMXMale 17-29Male 17-291
DeclanPENBERTHYTiverton BMXMale 17-29Male 17-292SW1 - Male 17-29 Champion
JacobEDWARDSBurnham BMXMale 17-29Male 17-293
DanielBEVANExeter Eagles BMXMale 17-29Male 17-294
DavidRhys POWELLBristol BMXMale 17-29Male 17-295
JarrodSHEARBristol BMXMale 17-29Male 17-296
LukePERRETTBurnham BMXMale 17-29Male 17-297
EmilyGREENDecoy BMXMale 17-29Male 17-298W4
JoshKEELINGDecoy BMXMale 17-29Male 17-299
JamesALLENBath BMXMale 17-29Male 17-2910
LaurenSTACKBurnham BMXMale 17-29Male 17-2911W8 or E2
BaileyTAYLORExeter Eagles BMXMale 17-29Male 17-2912
ChristopherROASTDecoy BMXMale 17-29Male 17-2914
ZakRAMSDENExeter Eagles BMXMale 17-29Male 17-2917
CharlieLEGGETTTiverton BMXMale 17-29Male 17-2919
AlfieLOVELLBristol BMXMale 16Male 17-2920SW1 - Male 16 Champion. Riding up
RossDRAPERTorbay BMXMale 16Male 17-2921
CharlieDEMPSEYBideford BMXMale 16Male 17-2922
SamTHOMPSONBristol BMXMale 16Male 17-2923
JamiePHILLIPSBristol BMXMale 15Male 17-2924Riding up
JasonEGANBristol BMXMasterMaster1
ScottHOARECornwall BMXMasterMaster2
JasonNICHOLLSTiverton BMXMasterMaster3
LeeSWEETLANDLlynfi BMXMasterMaster4
WayneHARRIESExeter Eagles BMXMasterMaster5
MatthewEATONBath BMXMasterMaster6
DanielHODGEBristol BMXMasterMaster7SW1 - Masters Champion
MartynBELLTorbay BMXMasterMaster8
SamuelHOMMELLBideford BMXMasterMaster9
SturlaBJARNASONTorbay BMXMasterMaster10
DanDAYMANBideford BMXMasterMaster11
MichaelSMARTBideford BMXMasterMaster12
SimJOHNSTONLlynfi BMXMasterMaster13
LeeARTHURSTiverton BMXMasterMaster14
CeriSHAVELlynfi BMXMasterMaster15
PatrickMATTHEWSTiverton BMXVeteranVeteran16
JaiKEMPBristol BMXVeteranVeteran17SW1 - Veteran Champion
AndrewCORYNCornwall BMXVeteranVeteran18
ChrisBAXBath BMXVeteranVeteran19
MatthewROWLANDSLlynfi BMXVeteranVeteran20
VanessaHARRISONTiverton BMXVeteranVeteran21
CarlCOPECornwall BMXVeteranVeteran22
MarkALDERTONCornwall BMXVeteranVeteran23
NeilHOPESBristol BMXVeteranVeteran24
AdamBOWDENCornwall BMXVeteranVeteran25
AmelieEATONBath BMXFemale 6 & UnderFemale 6 & Under3
GraceBurgeExeter Eagles BMXFemale 7-8Female 7-88
LottieBROWNBideford BMXFemale 6 & UnderFemale 7-89SW1 - Female 6 & Under Champion
LibbyCOPPINGBristol BMXFemale 6 & UnderFemale 7-810
ShayaHURLEYLlynfi BMXFemale 9-10Female 9-101
LylaSAMPSONTiverton BMXFemale 9-10Female 9-103
BethanyNIEMCZYKBristol BMXFemale 7-8Female 9-104SW1 - Female 7-8 Champion
HeidiHARRISExeter Eagles BMXFemale 7-8Female 9-105
BrookeBENNETTBristol BMXFemale 7-8Female 9-106
BethanyCOATESExeter Eagles BMXFemale 7-8Female 9-107
AbigailHARESBristol BMXFemale 7-8Female 9-109
CharlotteBUTCHERTorbay BMXFemale 7-8Female 9-1010
SophieELLWOODBristol BMXFemale 7-8Female 9-1011
KatieJAMESDecoy BMXFemale 11-12Female 11-126SW1 - Female 9-10 Champion
EvieWEBSTERExeter Eagles BMXFemale 11-12Female 11-127
EmilyDUFFYDecoy BMXFemale 11-12Female 11-1210
MaisieAYRESBideford BMXFemale 9-10Female 11-1211
SummerWILLSTiverton BMXFemale 9-10Female 11-1212
ErinMARTINBideford BMXFemale 9-10Female 11-1213
BellaLLOYDBristol BMXFemale 9-10Female 11-1214
TallulahJUKESBath BMXFemale 9-10Female 11-1215
ImogenAUGERExeter Eagles BMXFemale 9-10Female 11-1216
LouiseBECKExeter Eagles BMXFemale 13-14Female 13-142
AggieHARRISONTiverton BMXFemale 13-14Female 13-143
JessMULLERDecoy BMXFemale 13-14Female 13-144
BethanyLAWRENCETiverton BMXFemale 13-14Female 13-145
SaraPEELBurnham BMXFemale 13-14Female 13-146
MolliePHILLIPSBristol BMXFemale 11-12Female 13-147
LilyGULLONBideford BMXFemale 11-12Female 13-148
GraceSPOONERDecoy BMXFemale 11-12Female 13-149
LaurenHILLBristol BMXFemale 11-12Female 13-1410
MiaFARROWExeter Eagles BMXFemale 11-12Female 13-1411
JodyMILLSCornwall BMXFemale 15-16Female 15-162
CharlotteDAVISBristol BMXFemale 15-16Female 15-163
CaitlinELLISBideford BMXFemale 13-14Female 15-164SW1 - Female 13-14 Champion
EmilyDAYCornwall BMXFemale 13-14Female 15-165
ChloeFARROWExeter Eagles BMXFemale 17-24Female 17 +4SW1 - Championship Female Champion
LaurynBECKExeter Eagles BMXFemale 17-24Female 17 +5
YasminENGLANDCornwall BMXFemale 17-24Female 17 +6
HannahMCLEANExeter Eagles BMXFemale 17-24Female 17 +7
BethanHALLETTTiverton BMXFemale 17-24Female 17 +8
IonaAGNEWBristol BMXFemale 25+Female 17 +9SW1 - Female 25+ Champion
AaliyahCOPECornwall BMXFemale 15-16Female 17+10Riding up
JoannaKISTLECornwall BMXChampionship FemaleFemale 17 +1
LeahCHAPPLETiverton BMXChampionship FemaleFemale 17 +2
BradeyCHUGGBideford BMX13-14 Cruiser13-14 Cruiser2
HarveyGATTINGTiverton BMX13-14 Cruiser13-14 Cruiser5
MaxAVERYDecoy BMX12 & under Cruiser13-14 Cruiser6SW1 - Cruiser 9-12 Champion
DillonHANCOCKBideford BMX12 & under Cruiser13-14 Cruiser7
EvanHOLMESBideford BMX12 & under Cruiser13-14 Cruiser8
KolbyELLISBideford BMX12 & under Cruiser13-14 Cruiser9
TaylorSAMPSONTiverton BMX12 & under Cruiser13-14 Cruiser10
AshleyENGLANDCornwall BMX13-14 Cruiser15-16 Cruiser4SW1 - Male 13-14 Cruiser Champion
SamPENNYBath BMX13-14 Cruiser15-16 Cruiser5
JamesNORTHCOTTCornwall BMX13-14 Cruiser15-16 Cruiser6
CharlieKnoxTiverton BMX15-16 Cruiser885
DanielPOPLEBath BMX17-29 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser1SW1 - Cruiser 17-29 Champion
AlbieHOPESBristol BMX17-29 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser2
CharlieLEGGETTTiverton BMX17-29 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser3
NathanCUTTINGExeter Eagles BMX17-29 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser4
ConnorWELLSBristol BMX17-29 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser5
NathanABBOTTBath BMX17-29 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser6
DanielBEVANExeter Eagles BMX17-29 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser7
JackGATTINGBideford BMX17-29 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser8
CallumPITTASBristol BMX17-29 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser9
CharlieDEMPSEYBideford BMX15-16 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser10
JacobEDWARDSBurnham BMX15-16 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser11
OliverFOSTERExeter Eagles BMX15-16 Cruiser17-29 Cruiser12
MarcBROWNTorbay BMX30-39 Cruiser30-39 Cruiser13
RichardCHAPPLETiverton BMX30-39 Cruiser30-39 Cruiser14
LeeARTHURSTiverton BMX30-39 Cruiser30-39 Cruiser15
LukePENNYBideford BMX30-39 Cruiser30-39 Cruiser16
DanielHODGEBristol BMX30-39 Cruiser30-39 Cruiser1701 / SW1 - Cruiser 30-39 Champion
SimJOHNSTONLlynfi BMX30-39 Cruiser30-39 Cruiser18
JonLONGMUIRDecoy BMX30-39 Cruiser30-39 Cruiser19
StevenISONTiverton BMX30-39 Cruiser30-39 Cruiser20
IanWHEELERTiverton BMX30-39 Cruiser30-39 Cruiser21
JasonHILLBristol BMX40-44 Cruiser40-44 Cruiser22
DuncanCOCKBURNBath BMX40-44 Cruiser40-44 Cruiser23
JohnTAYLORLlynfi BMX40-44 Cruiser40-44 Cruiser24
MatthewROWLANDSLlynfi BMX40-44 Cruiser40-44 Cruiser25
ShaunGATTINGTiverton BMX40-44 Cruiser40-44 Cruiser26
AndrewMULLERDecoy BMX40-44 Cruiser40-44 Cruiser27
JustinGATTINGBideford BMX30-39 Cruiser40-44 Cruiser28
NeilFORSYTHDecoy BMX30-39 Cruiser40-44 Cruiser29
NeilHOPESBristol BMX45+ Cruiser45+ Cruiser30
RussellPIERRECornwall BMX45+ Cruiser45+ Cruiser31
ChrisDRAPERTorbay BMX45+ Cruiser45+ Cruiser32
MartinGREENDecoy BMX45+ Cruiser45+ Cruiser33
AnthonyMARTINBideford BMX45+ Cruiser45+ Cruiser34
AndrewCORYNCornwall BMX45+ Cruiser45+ Cruiser35SW1 - Cruiser 45-49 Champion
SteveUSHERBath BMX45+ Cruiser45+ Cruiser36
TonyMARTINLlynfi BMX45+ Cruiser45+ Cruiser37
JohnathanDOMINGUEZCornwall BMX45+ Cruiser45+ Cruiser38
RichardPENNYBath BMX40-44 Cruiser45+ Cruiser39
NicholasBOLDBath BMX40-44 Cruiser45+ Cruiser40
BenLEACHBath BMX40-44 Cruiser45+ Cruiser41SW1 - Cruiser 40-44 Champion
GrahamWATTSBath BMX50+ Cruiser50+ Cruiser42SW1 - Cruiser 50+ Champion
GerrySANDERSCornwall BMX50+ Cruiser50+ Cruiser43
AndrewHARRISONTiverton BMX45+ Cruiser50+ Cruiser44
JoannaKISTLECornwall BMX17-29 Female Cruiser17-29 Female Cruiser1
ShahnazGULLONBideford BMX30+ Female CruiserFemale Cruiser 30+2SW1 - Cruiser Female 30-39 Champion
PaulaHUNTDecoy BMX30+ Female CruiserFemale Cruiser 30+3
RebeccaGOHLBideford BMX40+ Female Cruiser40+ Female Cruiser401 / SW1 - Cruiser Female 40+ Champion
SharonWATTSBristol BMX40+ Female Cruiser40+ Female Cruiser5
LesleyREYNOLDSCornwall BMX40+ Female Cruiser40+ Female Cruiser6
VanessaHARRISONTiverton BMX40+ Female Cruiser40+ Female Cruiser7
Yoshiko-UnoFLUKESBristol BMX40+ Female Cruiser40+ Female Cruiser8
PaulaHALLETTTiverton BMX40+ Female Cruiser40+ Female Cruiser9
MitchellBOMBROFFBristol BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite1
DanielCOMMONS-LOMAXCornwall BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite2
MatthewBOURNEBristol BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite301
CharlieROASTDecoy BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite4
HarryLITTLEBristol BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite5
CallumPITTASBristol BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite6
RyanSTACKBath BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite7E8 or 01
AaronHOLLOWAYBristol BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite8
EthanSQUIBBDecoy BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite12
BenjaminARMITAGEDecoy BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite10
MaxPENNYBath BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite11
HaydonGREENDecoy BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite999
ThomasPALMERBurnham BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite13
EddieMOOREBurnham BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite14
ConnorWELLSBristol BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite17
AlbieHOPESBristol BMXRegional EliteRegional Elite20