Riding Up 2018

  • All riders are allowed to ride up, within two age groups of their actual race age, with their Head Coaches recommendation and the approval of the SWBMXA committee. All applications to ride up must be sent by the clubs head coach to admin@swbmxracing.co.uk by 1600 on Sunday 25th February 2018. All applications to ride up will be published on the following page – click here.
  • Riders that rode up within the 2017 season must follow the criteria detailed above and apply via their Head Coach.
  • Once a rider has applied to ride up for the season they must ride that category for the whole season and are not eligible to move to another class or return to their correct age group.
  • Girls wishing to ride in the boys classes can do so at an age group one year younger than their race age. Ie. A Female 12 can ride in Male 11. Any requests for Females to ride with the Males should be made by close of registration at Round 1 of the SW Summer Series.
  • For riders coming in from another region, they are free to ride any class within two years of their race age. Once they have chosen their age group, they must remain in that age group for every race they attend within the series.