British Championships – Rider Information

British ChampionshipsThe 2018 Brits in Blackpool is almost upon us!

Registration for South West riders is available at the following link:—SOUTH-WEST-REGISTRATION

Please note registration closes at 2355 on Sunday 9th September – there will be no late entries and no registration on the day. Please get your entries in as soon as you can.

The technical guide for the event can be downloaded at the following link:

The region will give each rider their plate stickers with their 2018 regional ranking, as well as goody bags, tshirts and  raceshirts at registration on Friday 14th September. Registration will be open between 1530-2000. All riders must signin, any riders arriving on Saturday will need their club rep to signin for them on Friday, they will then be required to countersign when they arrive. Riders are encouraged to reuse their Maikun plates that were given out in 2016/2017 – replacement plates will be available at £10 each.

Tshirts will be available to those that ordered – we will not have any spares available.

Raceshirts will be available to those that ordered – we have a very small stock of spares for emergency.

2018 Number Plates (any queries please contact

JakeSMITHDecoy BMX ClubMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under1.2
OliverROBERTSTorbay BMX Racing ClubMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under2.2
MaxCHAPPLEBideford BMXMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under3.2
OakleyHOLLOWAYDecoy BMX ClubMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under4.2
LouisSWALESBristol BMX ClubMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under5.2
RoryRAYBristol BMX ClubMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under6.2
RileyBUTTBideford BMXMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under7.2
NixonCOPPINSBristol BMX ClubMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under8.2
TaylorHOARECornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under9.2
MarloGONZALESBristol BMX ClubMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under10.2
JacobCASHMOREBath BMXMale 6 & UnderMale 6 & Under12.2
BaileyPENNYBideford BMXMale 7Male 71.2
JamesGRAHAMExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 7Male 72.2
ZachARTHURSTiverton BMX ClubMale 7Male 73.2
SenshuFLUKESBristol BMX ClubMale 8Male 78.2
BradleyJAMESDecoy BMX ClubMale 8Male 81.2
JensonHUNTBurnham BMX ClubMale 8Male 82.2
LouisAVERYDecoy BMX ClubMale 8Male 84.2
RileyPAYNEDecoy BMX ClubMale 8Male 85.2
JesseGALEBristol BMX ClubMale 8Male 86.2
NoahMARTINBideford BMXMale 8Male 87.2
JackWEEKSBath BMXMale 8Male 88.2
JackDAVEYCornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 8Male 89.2
OllyKIRBYDecoy BMX ClubMale 8Male 810.2
CalebCRIASIAExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 8Male 811.2
HarisonDISCOMBEDecoy BMX ClubMale 8Male 812.2
JacobWASHBOURNELlynfi BMX Racing ClubMale 8Male 813.2
LeoMARKSExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 8Male 814.2
FreddieFRANKLINBristol BMX ClubMale 9Male 818.2
OliverCOPPINGCardiff BMX Racing ClubMale 9Male 91.2
HarryBANKSTorbay BMX Racing ClubMale 9Male 92.2
JackBAILEYDecoy BMX ClubMale 9Male 93.2
CharlieLUDWELLBath BMXMale 9Male 94.2
TheoCOTTRELLDecoy BMX ClubMale 9Male 95.2
KaydenWILLIAMSDecoy BMX ClubMale 9Male 97.2
GeorgeCHAPMANDecoy BMX ClubMale 9Male 98.2
ZackAVERYDecoy BMX ClubMale 9Male 99.2
FintanCOCKBURNBath BMXMale 9Male 910.2
EthanWOODTiverton BMX ClubMale 9Male 911.2
ThomasMAJORCornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 9Male 912.2
BenLIGHTTorbay BMX Racing ClubMale 9Male 913.2
FinleyHOPEExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 9Male 914.2
LouisHURSTBurnham BMX ClubMale 9Male 915.2
TommyDIMONDBurnham BMX ClubMale 9Male 916.2
LewisHANCOCKBideford BMXMale 9Male 918.2
KaydnKEMPBristol BMX ClubMale 9Male 920.2
SidMILNEBath BMXMale 9Male 921.2
AidenTAYLORLlynfi BMX Racing ClubMale 9Male 922.2
SeamusDOHERTYDecoy BMX ClubMale 10Male 929.2
CurtisCOPELANDBristol BMX ClubMale 10Male 101.2
JedSMITHDecoy BMX ClubMale 10Male 102.2
HenryEYREDecoy BMX ClubMale 10Male 103.2
OakleyHOOPERDecoy BMX ClubMale 10Male 105.2
ColbyHOARECornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 10Male 107.2
AlfieFRYERBurnham BMX ClubMale 10Male 108.2
JakeGRANGERDecoy BMX ClubMale 10Male 109.2
AlfiePENNYBideford BMXMale 10Male 1010.2
CadenROBERTSCornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 10Male 1011.2
KianJOHNLlynfi BMX Racing ClubMale 10Male 1013.2
AdamSMITHDecoy BMX ClubMale 10Male 1014.2
RhodriJONESLlynfi BMX Racing ClubMale 10Male 1015.2
JensenLEDGERWOOD-BARRTorbay BMX Racing ClubMale 10Male 1016.2
ZacharyCASHMOREBath BMXMale 10Male 1018.2
JadenFLETCHERDecoy BMX ClubMale 11Male 1021.2
BenCORNISHDecoy BMX ClubMale 11Male 111.2
ScottMONRO HIGGSExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 11Male 113.2
KalinCORYNCornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 11Male 114.2
KaishuFLUKESBristol BMX ClubMale 11Male 115.2
AlfieHOLLOWAYDecoy BMX ClubMale 11Male 116.2
KieranBROWNING-PARSONSBurnham BMX ClubMale 11Male 117.2
HarveyWILKINSONTorbay BMX Racing ClubMale 11Male 118.2
ZackRAYNERCornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 11Male 119.2
CallumTAYLORLlynfi BMX Racing ClubMale 11Male 1110.2
VinnyPEDRICKExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 11Male 1112.2
KeonWILLIAMSDecoy BMX ClubMale 11Male 1113.2
JackCANNBristol BMX ClubMale 11Male 1114.2
TaylorHUNTBurnham BMX ClubMale 13Male 11W7
HarveyNIEMCZYKBristol BMX ClubMale 12Male 1119.2
JensenEGANBristol BMX ClubMale 12Male 1120.2
TaiBRIDDENDecoy BMX ClubMale 12Male 121.2
SamuelHOPEExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 12Male 123.2
EdHARRISONTiverton BMX ClubMale 12Male 125.2
EllisTRENERRYCornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 12Male 126.2
CallumCHARD-MAPLEExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 13Male 1211.2
SonnyFLAVELLBideford BMXMale 13Male 1212.2
MilarGONZALESBristol BMX ClubMale 13Male 1213.2
JacobDUNCANBristol BMX ClubMale 13Male 1214.2
NedPENNYBath BMXMale 13Male 1215.2
TaylorSAMPSONTiverton BMX ClubMale 13Male 131.2
MaxAVERYDecoy BMX ClubMale 13Male 132.2
KolbyELLISBideford BMXMale 13Male 135.2
RioCAPRONBideford BMXMale 13Male 136.2
CoreyHUNTDecoy BMX ClubMale 13Male 138.2
ChristopherDAVISBristol BMX ClubMale 13Male 1311.2
NedPRITCHARDCornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 13Male 1312.2
FinleyBURSTONExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 13Male 1315.2
FinleyLYNCHBath BMXMale 13Male 1317.2
HarveyFRYERBurnham BMX ClubMale 13Male 1318.2
WilliamWHITBURN-WELCHBath BMXMale 13Male 1319.2
JudeBROOKSBristol BMX ClubMale 13Male 1321.2
KieranHOOPERTorbay BMX Racing ClubMale 13Male 1322.2
HarveyGATTINGTiverton BMX ClubMale 14Male 141.2
CorbinBROWNTorbay BMX Racing ClubMale 14Male 142.2
DylanSHIPTONBristol BMX ClubMale 14Male 143.2
JacobREYNOLDSExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 14Male 144.2
BenjaminWILLSTiverton BMX ClubMale 14Male 145.2
GeorgeWEBLEYBath BMXMale 14Male 146.2
MalachiMILNEBath BMXMale 15Male 1411.2
NathanBATSTONETiverton BMX ClubMale 15Male 152.2
DarcyPAINEDecoy BMX ClubMale 15Male 153.2
TaylorNUTTBristol BMX ClubMale 15Male 155.2
LeoFORSYTH-SNELLDecoy BMX ClubMale 16Male 158.2
LoganFORDCornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 16Male 162.2
DannyNICHOLLSTiverton BMX ClubMale 16Male 159.2
KieronSAUNDERSBristol BMX ClubMale 16Male 164.2
BenAVERYDecoy BMX ClubMale 16Male 1410.2
CharlieKNOXTiverton BMX ClubMale 16Male 158.2
ReeceCORNELIUSBurnham BMX ClubMale 16Male 167.2
RyanEWINGSExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 16Male 168.2
RyanBEVANExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 16Male 1610.2
CaitlinELLISBideford BMXMale 16Female 157.2
AlishaHUNTDecoy BMX ClubMale 16Female 17+ Challenge7.2
HarrisonPASCOE-WHITEBideford BMXMale 16Male 1613.2
MiriamPEELBurnham BMX ClubMale 16Female 166.2
CallumPITTASBristol BMX ClubMale 17-29Male 17-241.2
MitchBOMBROFFBristol BMX ClubMale 17-29Male 17-242.2
JarrodSHEARBristol BMX ClubMale 17-29Male 25-293.2
CharlieROASTDecoy BMX ClubMale 17-29Male 17-244.2
ConnorWELLSBristol BMX ClubMale 17-29Male 17-245.2
AlfieLOVELLBristol BMX ClubMale 17-29Male 1618.2
JacobEDWARDSBurnham BMX ClubMale 17-29Male 17-247.2
DavidPOWELLBristol BMX ClubMale 17-29Male 17-248.2
DanielBEVANExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 17-29Male 17-249.2
DeclanPENBERTHYTiverton BMX ClubMale 17-29Male 17-2410.2
LaurenSTACKBurnham BMX ClubMale 17-29Championship Women (17+)W2
EmilyGREENDecoy BMX ClubMale 17-29Championship Women (17+)92
ScottHOARECornwall BMX Racing ClubMastersMasters1.2
MatthewEATONBath BMXMastersMasters2.2
WayneHARRIESExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMastersMasters3.2
DanielHODGEBristol BMX ClubMastersMasters4.2
LeeSWEETLANDLlynfi BMX Racing ClubMastersMasters5.2
LeeARTHURSTiverton BMX ClubMastersMasters6.2
AndrewCORYNCornwall BMX Racing ClubVeteran (40+)Veteran (40+)1.2
JaiKEMPBristol BMX ClubVeteran (40+)Veteran (40+)2.2
MatthewROWLANDSLlynfi BMX Racing ClubVeteran (40+)Veteran (40+)4.2
MatthewBOURNEBristol BMX ClubRegional EliteMale 25-291.2
AaronHOLLOWAYBristol BMX ClubRegional EliteMale 17-242.2
JoshMOOREBurnham BMX ClubRegional EliteMale 17-243.2
EthanSQUIBBDecoy BMX ClubRegional EliteMale 17-244.2
AdamBRAZILBurnham BMX ClubRegional EliteMale 17-24W4
RyanSTACKTorbay BMX Racing ClubRegional EliteSuperclassW3
DanCOMMONS-LOMAXCornwall BMX Racing ClubRegional EliteMale 17-247.2
CharlotteGREENCornwall BMX Racing ClubRegional EliteChampionship Women (17+)W1
EddieMOOREBurnham BMX ClubRegional EliteSuperclass521
AmelieEATONBath BMXFemale 6 & UnderFemale 6 & Under1.2
DakotaTUCKERExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubFemale 6 & UnderFemale 6 & Under2.2
LottieBROWNBideford BMXFemale 7-8Female 71.2
GraceBURGEExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubFemale 7-8Female 82.2
KesiaWILLIAMSDecoy BMX ClubFemale 7-8Female 73.2
LibbyCOPPINGCardiff BMX Racing ClubFemale 7-8Female 74.2
ShayaHURLEYBristol BMX ClubFemale 9-10Female 101.2
BethanyNIEMCZYKBristol BMX ClubFemale 9-10Female 92.2
KodieHARMERBideford BMXFemale 9-10Female 103.2
BibiALDERTONCornwall BMX Racing ClubFemale 9-10Female 94.2
BethanyCOATESExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubFemale 9-10Female 95.2
SophieELLWOODBristol BMX ClubFemale 9-10Female 96.2
AbigailHARESBristol BMX ClubFemale 9-10Female 97.2
HeidiHARRISExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubFemale 9-10Female 98.2
MicahPRITCHARDCornwall BMX Racing ClubMale 10Female 109.2
EvieWEBSTERExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubFemale 11-12Female 121.2
KatieJAMESDecoy BMX ClubFemale 11-12Female 112.2
AmeliaGRATTONTorbay BMX Racing ClubFemale 11-12Female 113.2
SummerWILLSTiverton BMX ClubFemale 11-12Female 114.2
ErinMARTINBideford BMXFemale 11-12Female 115.2
SiennaHARVEYCornwall BMX Racing ClubFemale 11-12Female 126.2
MaisieAYRESBideford BMXFemale 11-12Female 117.2
Sophie-MayHARRISExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubMale 13Female 12W8
LouiseBECKExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubFemale 13-14Female 141.2
LilyGULLONBideford BMXFemale 13-14Female 132.2
MiaFARROWExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubFemale 13-14Female 133.2
GraceSPOONERDecoy BMX ClubFemale 13-14Female 134.2
BethyLAWRENCETiverton BMX ClubFemale 13-14Female 145.2
AgnesHARRISONTiverton BMX ClubFemale 13-14Female 146.2
SaraPEELBurnham BMX ClubFemale 13-14Female 147.2
JessicaMULLERDecoy BMX ClubFemale 13-14Female 148.2
EllieKEMPBristol BMX ClubFemale 13-14Female 139.2
MeganKIRBYDecoy BMX ClubMale 13Female 1312.2
CharlotteDAVISBristol BMX ClubFemale 15-16Female 161.2
EmilyDAYCornwall BMX Racing ClubFemale 15-16Female 152.2
LeahCHAPPLEBideford BMXFemale 15-16Female 163.2
ChloeFARROWExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubFemale 17+Female 17+ Challenge1.2
HannahMCLEANExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubFemale 17+Female 17+ Challenge2.2
IonaAGNEWBristol BMX ClubFemale 17+Female 17+ Challenge3.2
LaurynBECKExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubFemale 17+Female 17+ Challenge4.2
VanessaHARRISONTiverton BMX ClubFemale 17+Female 17+ Challenge5.2
YasminENGLANDCornwall BMX Racing ClubFemale 17+Female 17+ Challenge6.2
WilliamLUDWELLBath BMXCruiser 09-12Cruiser 09-121.2
LewisHANCOCKBideford BMXCruiser 09-12Cruiser 09-122.2
SonnyFLAVELLBideford BMXCruiser 09-12Cruiser 09-124.2
MaxAVERYDecoy BMX ClubCruiser 13-14Cruiser 13-141.2
DillonHANCOCKBideford BMXCruiser 13-14Cruiser 13-142.2
JacobREYNOLDSExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubCruiser 13-14Cruiser 13-143.2
CharlieKNOXTiverton BMX ClubCruiser 13-14Cruiser 13-145.2
KolbyELLISBideford BMXCruiser 13-14Cruiser 13-146.2
AshleyENGLANDCornwall BMX Racing ClubCruiser 15-16Cruiser 15-161.2
AlfieLOVELLBristol BMX ClubCruiser 15-16Cruiser 15-162.2
NathanABBOTTBath BMXCruiser 17-29Cruiser 17-291.2
DanielPOPLEBath BMXCruiser 17-29Cruiser 17-292.2
NathanCUTTINGExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubCruiser 17-29Cruiser 17-293.2
CharlieLEGGETTTorbay BMX Racing ClubCruiser 17-29Cruiser 17-294.2
DanielBEVANExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubCruiser 17-29Cruiser 17-295.2
RyanSTACKTorbay BMX Racing ClubCruiser 17-29Cruiser 17-296.2
RichardCHAPPLEBideford BMXCruiser 30-39Cruiser 30-391.2
LukePENNYBideford BMXCruiser 30-39Cruiser 30-392.2
PeterBURGEExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubCruiser 30-39Cruiser 30-393.2
IanWHEELERTiverton BMX ClubCruiser 30-39Cruiser 30-394.2
LeeARTHURSTiverton BMX ClubCruiser 30-39Cruiser 30-395.2
SimJOHNSTONLlynfi BMX Racing ClubCruiser 30-39Cruiser 30-396.2
MarcBROWNTorbay BMX Racing ClubCruiser 30-39Cruiser 30-397.2
MatthewWALSHTiverton BMX ClubCruiser 30-39Cruiser 30-399.2
DanielHODGEBristol BMX ClubCruiser 30-39Cruiser 30-3910.2
DuncanCOCKBURNBath BMXCruiser 40-44Cruiser 40-441.2
JustinGATTINGBideford BMXCruiser 40-44Cruiser 40-442.2
JohnTAYLORLlynfi BMX Racing ClubCruiser 40-44Cruiser 40-443.2
MatthewROWLANDSLlynfi BMX Racing ClubCruiser 40-44Cruiser 40-444.2
NicholasBOLDBath BMXCruiser 45-49Cruiser 45-492.2
AnthonyMARTINBideford BMXCruiser 45-49Cruiser 45-493.2
JaiKEMPBristol BMX ClubCruiser 45-49Cruiser 45-494.2
AndrewCORYNCornwall BMX Racing ClubCruiser 45-49Cruiser 45-495.2
BenLAWRENCETiverton BMX ClubCruiser 45-49Cruiser 45-497.2
AndrewHARRISONTiverton BMX ClubCruiser 50+Cruiser 50+1.2
RoyMAJORCornwall BMX Racing ClubCruiser 50+Cruiser 50+2.2
GrahamWATTSBath BMXCruiser 50+Cruiser 50+3.2
PaulaHUNTDecoy BMX ClubCruiser Female 30-3930+ Cruiser Female1.2
EmmaHAWKESBYExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubCruiser Female 30-3930+ Cruiser Female2.2
LesleyREYNOLDSExeter Eagles BMX Racing ClubCruiser Female 40+30+ Cruiser Female3.2
RebeccaGOHLBideford BMXCruiser 45-4930+ Cruiser FemaleW4
ShahnazGULLONBideford BMXCruiser 30-3930+ Cruiser Female5.2