South West Championships – Update

Following a successful British Championships with multiple Champions being crowned from the South West – congratulations to Senshu Flukes (Male 7s), Taylor Hunt (Male 11s), Becca Gohl (30+ Female Cruiser), Charlotte Green (Championship Women) & Curtis Manaton (Superclass) – it is now the turn of the South West Championships!


With the decision to use transponders (see below) for all riders, we have extended the closing time for online entries from 23:55 on Thursday 20th September to 20:00 on Friday 21st September. This will hopefully give everyone the opportunity to preregister right up to the last minute. With the new requirement to get everyone on transponders on raceday we have decided make the event prereg only – we will not accept entries on the day, except for Regional Elite who will register as per normal.

All riders must be at least a Silver member of British Cycling to race at the South West Championships. A race license is not required.

Number Plates:

  • Riders should register on the number assigned to them for the British Championships – click here to check your plate number – any rider that qualified will have had a new plate sticker arranged (either picked up at the Brits or if they didn’t attend can be picked up at the South West Championships). The plate stickers are designed to fit on Maikun plates – plates are available to purchase at £10 each.
  • For those that didn’t do enough rounds for the Brits, please register on your final series ranking – click here to check your ranking – a new plate sticker and side stickers will be provided on raceday.
  • For riders who won a SW1 plate in 2017, please race on that plate so that we can recognise and celebrate the current SW Champions.
  • For those that rode Novice all season, please race on the last three digits of your British Cycling membership number.
  • It is envisaged that the following classes will be merged for racing purposes, it would help raceday admin if you could bring either this seasons regional plate with you or a plate with your BC membership number:
    • Female 6 & Under – with Male 6
    • Female 16+ – with Female 17+
    • All Female Cruiser classes
    • Veteran – with Masters
    • All Male Cruiser classes – Supercruiser (will be judged on the day as could be split into two groups)


The future has arrived!

The SWBMXA has made the decision to run all future races with the Sqorz race software and Mylaps transponders. The South West Championships will be the regions first event to be run in its entirety using the new software/transponders and they will continue to be used for the Wild West Winter Series and next years regional series.

The region will supply transponders free of charge to all riders to use on the day. We also have an introductory offer to encourage riders to purchase them in advance of the weekend – see below.

The “transponder” is a small part of a complete system, provided by a Dutch company called MyLaps. The MyLaps digital timing system is made up of connections and sensors around the track. At the start of a BMX moto a sensor activates the race time when the gate drops. Then other sensors in the form of wire loops under the ground detect when the ‘transponder’ on your bike passes over the loop. These loops let the system know a rider ID & the time when you pass over the loop. The system records all the riders & times in that moto, then the finish line loop stops the moto time for each rider.

The decision to use transponders has multiple benefits, it gives the sport new data in the form of race times, it is a more accurate way to determining finishing positions and it will in time speed up race day administration due to the efficiencies of the finishing process, of no manual finish line decisions and reduce the number of volunteers required to staff the finish line.

Having the loops at your local track and using a transponder means you can also use the system to record times for training purposes. Having multiple loops in the track will give riders start times, straight times, corner times, it all comes down to the amount of loops in the ground and the system that records each segment.

MyLaps ProChipFLEX Transponder

The transponder is a small red sensor that you attach – using a strong cable tie – to the bottom of the front fork. Every transponder has a unique ID number that is displayed across the front of the chip. This is so the system can tell when you start and finish, and the time you took. Once you have purchased the transponder, you need to go online to register the unit. Once this is done, the ID number is used whenever you enter a race. Your transponder is registered for a set time, generally a year, or you can set that for more. At the end of the term, you will be advised that you need to re-register, this is easily done online again.

Purchasing / Hiring Transponders:

Transponders will be available to hire on the day for all South West regional events – in the long run it might prove more expensive but it is not a requirement to purchase and subscribe to a MyLaps transponder.

  • For the South West Championships the region is covering the cost of the transponder hire and riders will not be charged to borrow them.
  • Every rider must have a transponder to be able to race, as without, raceday administration will not be able to result riders.

The region has an introductory offer of £30 for the initial purchase of the transponder with a 12 month subscription. This offer is available until the South West Championships – you will need to use the transponder for racing on Saturday to take advantage of the offer. For those interested in purchasing a transponder in time for the weekend please send request to

Thereafter, transponders can be purchased via the MyLaps UK distributor – HS Sports – at the following link:

Registering Transponders:

Once you have purchased a transponder – it will need to be registered and activated.

Follow this link to create or login to your account:

Enter your personal details that you supplied to MYLAPS to register your transponder.

From there you can update your details, name your transponder, remove a subscription, download Flex Manager, redeem a subscription card or even buy a subscription.

Please note the Transponders connect to your PC via USB (simply remove the cap), but they do not recharge. The battery is a single life battery and if it runs out, the transponder is replaced under the MyLaps life time warranty.

****NOTE**** The MYLAPS system runs on Windows only, unfortunately the program does not run on APPLE computers. We are looking at a solution for this, but SWBMXA will have laptops on site at raceday to help you activate your transponders if you havent been able to. For any transponders purchased on the above offer – they will be activated and ready to use when you arrive on Saturday.

Any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us at See you Saturday!