Rider Number Plates 2020

Please see below the plate numbers allocated for existing riders for the 2020 season.

For those that are new to BMX in the South West and did not compete in the 2019 season, your race plate is based on the last three digits of your British Cycling licence no. This includes riders who rode in the Novice categories last season and wish to move into an Expert class for 2020

  1. Each bicycle entered into an event within the series must have a number plate attached to the front of the handlebars
  2. Number plates must be made of plastic or other similar flexible material
    • Plate Height 20 cm Width 25 cm
    • Digits Height 10 cm Line width 1.5 cm
  3. All expert riders from within the region must ride on their green regional plate with black numbers, their blue or yellow National plate, Brits 01 plate, World W plate or Euro E plate.
  4. Expert riders from outside of the region can ride on their respective regional plate
  5. Novice riders can ride on any colour plate
  6. Side plates are mandatory for the 2020 race season. The minimum height of the number must be 8 cm with a width of 1 cm and with a gap of 1 cm between numbers. These numbers must match that on the front plate and be on both sides of the bike and not folded or curved. No other logo, graphics or colour is allowed within the number area of the plate. All prefixes and suffixes must be the same size as above, i.e. W1 and not w1
  7. In all BMX events a rider must display the number assigned to them according to the rules set forth in the event information. A rider who fails to display the correct number may be relegated.
  8. Numbers have been allocated based on the class a rider competed in 2019.
  9. If a rider that rode up in 2019 decides to return to their correct age class in 2020, they should ride the last three digits of their BC license, their national plate, Brits 01 plate, World or Euro plate or an allocated number will be provided.
  10. If a rider decides to ride up in another class that is different to that allocated, they should ride the last three digits of their BC license, their Brits 01 plate, National, World or Euro ranking. Alternatively, an allocated number will be provided.
  11. To avoid clashes, the holder of a SW1 plate can only ride the plate in the corresponding class to which they won the plate. E.g. a rider who won the Male 11s cannot ride up in Male 13s and stay on the SW1 plate they are only eligible to ride the SW1 plate in Male 12s.
  12. Regional Elite and Championship Female can ride their career numbers if preferred.
  13. Where there is a clash of W/E/01 plates in a class, the rider in the correct age class will take priority and the other rider(s) will ride their plate allocated or an X will be provided.
2019 RankRider Name2019 Class2020 Class2020 PlateNotes
8Freddie WALSH Mixed 6 and Under Mixed 6 and Under 8
10Kye WATERHOUSE Mixed 6 and Under Mixed 6 and Under 10
11Ollie THORNE Mixed 6 and Under Mixed 6 and Under 11
12Reggie PALMER Mixed 6 and Under Mixed 6 and Under 12
16William AVERY Mixed 6 and Under Mixed 6 and Under 16
1Taylor HOARE Mixed 6 and Under Male 71
2Samuel RICHES Mixed 6 and Under Male 72
3Theo LAMB Mixed 6 and Under Male 73
5Milo HUNT Mixed 6 and Under Male 75
6Poppy May KIRBY Mixed 6 and Under Male 76Riding Up
7Oliver MAJOR Mixed 6 and Under Male 77
9Edison PAYNE Mixed 6 and Under Male 79
13Marlo GONZALES Mixed 6 and Under Male 713
14Billy MAYNEORD Mixed 6 and Under Male 714
15Frederick FROST Mixed 6 and Under Male 715
423Samuel ELLWOODMixed 6 and Under Male 7423
17Louis SWALES Mixed 6 and Under Male 717
1Oliver ROBERTS Male 7Male 81
2Max CHAPPLE Male 7Male 82
3Sullivan COLLIS Male 7Male 83
4Dakota TUCKER Male 7Male 84Riding Up
5Oakley HOLLOWAY Male 7Male 85
6Maximilian CANN Male 7Male 86
7Oliver BARDOE Male 7Male 87
8Gilmour GREEN Male 7Male 88
9Rory RAY Male 7Male 89
10Riley BUTT Male 7Male 810
11Max BENNEY Male 7Male 811
12Harvey SANDERS Male 7Male 812
13George REDDIN Male 7Male 813
14Oliver ARNOLD Male 7Male 814
16Evan DAVEY Male 7Male 816
17Jayden PEARCE Male 7Male 817
4Joe ROOKE Mixed 6 and Under Male 818Riding Up
6Libby CoppingFemale 7-8Male 819Riding Up
2Bailey PENNY Male 8Male 92
3Jake SMITH Male 8Male 93Riding Up
5Zach ARTHURS Male 8Male 95
6Eddie MILLINGTON Male 8Male 96
7Jace HUNT Male 8Male 97
8Noah LADISLAUS Male 8Male 98
9Harrison WATKINS Male 8Male 99
10James TEDDER Male 8Male 910
11Lottie BROWN Male 8Male 911Riding Up
12Sebastien OLDER Male 8Male 912
1Riley PAYNE Male 9Male 101
4Noah MARTIN Male 9Male 104
5Olly KIRBY Male 9Male 105
6Henry RADCLIFFE Male 9Male 106
7Jesse GALE Male 9Male 107
8Harry SHERE Male 9Male 108
9Caleb CRIASIA Male 9Male 109
10Harrison DISCOMBE Male 9Male 1010
11Jacob WASHBOURNE Male 9Male 1011
12Leo MARKS Male 9Male 1012
13Finley LEDGER Male 9Male 1013
14Jack DAVEY Male 9Male 1014
15Max RALPH Male 9Male 1015
1Coby WrayfordMale 8Male 1016Riding Up
4James GRAHAM Male 8Male 1017Riding Up
3Grace BURGE Female 9-10Male 1018Riding Up
1Seamus DOHERTY Male 10Male 111
2Bradley JAMES Male 10Male 112Riding Up
3Freddie FRANKLIN Male 10Male 113Riding up
4Theo COTTRELL Male 10Male 114
5Finlay COLLIS Male 10Male 115
6Zack AVERY Male 10Male 116
7George CHAPMAN Male 10Male 117
8Ethan WOOD Male 10Male 118
9Lucas WEBSTER Male 10Male 119
10Kayden WILLIAMS Male 10Male 1110
11Ben LIGHT Male 10Male 1111
12Thomas MAJOR Male 10Male 1112
13Louis PINDER Male 10Male 1113
14Finley HOPE Male 10Male 1114
15Joe NUNN Male 10Male 1115
16Kaydn KEMP Male 10Male 1116
17Fintan COCKBURN Male 10Male 1117
18Max WHITE Male 10Male 1118
19Finn BENNEY Male 10Male 1119
20Jenson HUNT Male 10Male 1120Riding Up
21Harry BANKS Male 10Male 1121
22Joe PENTON-VOAK Male 10Male 1122
23George AUGER Male 10Male 1123
24Tommy DIMOND Male 10Male 1124
25Ollie JOHNSTON Male 10Male 1125
26Aiden TAYLOR Male 10Male 1126
27Levi POWELL Male 10Male 1127
28Benjamin MULLER Male 10Male 1128
29Sydney DUNSTAN Male 10Male 1129
30Joe TREVENA Male 10Male 1130
9Jack BAILEY Male 11Male 1131
2Senshu FLUKES Male 9Male 1132Riding Up
3Louis AVERY Male 9Male 1133Riding Up
2Kodie HARMERFemale 11-12Male 1134Riding Up
1Sophie ELLWOODFemale 9-10Male 1135Riding Up
1Curtis COPELAND Male 11Male 121
2Jaden FLETCHER Male 11Male 122
3Henry EYRE Male 11Male 123
4Jed SMITH Male 11Male 124
5Oakley HOOPER Male 11Male 125
6Alfie FRYER Male 11Male 126
7Alfie PENNY Male 11Male 127
8Jake GRANGER Male 11Male 128
10Archie TURNER Male 11Male 1210
11Colby HOARE Male 11Male 1211
12Caden ROBERTS Male 11Male 1212
13Rhodri JONES Male 11Male 1213
14Jensen LEDGERWOOD-BARR Male 11Male 1214
15Micah PRITCHARD Male 11Male 1215Riding Up
16Oliver COPPING Male 11Male 1216Riding Up
17Jed ROBERTS Male 11Male 1217
18Ashton COOMBS Male 11Male 1218
19Eddie THORNTON-BELL Male 11Male 1219
3Alfie HOLLOWAY Male 12Male 133
4Callum TAYLOR Male 12Male 134
5Harvey WILKINSON Male 12Male 135
6Kieran BROWNING-PARSONS Male 12Male 136
7Zack RAYNER Male 12Male 137
8Vinny PEDRICK Male 12Male 138
9Keon WILLIAMS Male 12Male 139
10Theo DUNSTAN Male 12Male 1310
11William PUGH Male 12Male 1311
13Jack CANN Male 12Male 1313
2Kalin CorynMale 13Male 1314
1Harrison COLLIS Male 13Male 141Riding Up
3Evie WEBSTER Male 13Male 143Riding Up
4Samuel HOPE Male 13Male 144
5Aidan STARRETT Male 13Male 145
6Ellis TRENERRY Male 13Male 146
7Ed HARRISON Male 13Male 147
8Reuben ROBERTS Male 13Male 148
9Jack SOMERSET Male 13Male 149
10Mikey TAYLOR Male 13Male 1410
1Scott MONRO-HIGGS Male 12Male 1412Riding Up
2Kaishu FLUKES Male 12Male 1413Riding Up
18Millar GONZALESMale 14Male 1414
11Megan KIRBY Male 14Male 1415Riding Up
2Callum CHARD-MAPLE Male 14Male 152Riding Up
4Rio CAPRON Male 14Male 154
5Tai BRIDDEN Male 14Male 155Riding Up
6Kolby ELLIS Male 14Male 156Riding Up
7Finley BURSTON Male 14Male 157
8Ben CORNISH Male 14Male 158Riding Up
9Corey HUNT Male 14Male 159
10Christopher DAVIS Male 14Male 1510
12Harvey FRYER Male 14Male 1512
13Ned PRITCHARD Male 14Male 1513
14Taylor HUNT Male 14Male 1514Riding Up
15Betsy BAX Male 14Male 1515Riding Up
16Sonny FLAVELL Male 14Male 1516Riding Up
17Ned PENNY Male 14Male 1517Riding Up
20Mia FARROW Male 14Male 1520Riding Up
21Finley LYNCH Male 14Male 1521
22William WHITBURN-WELCH Male 14Male 1522
W8Sophie May HARRISMale14Male 1523Riding Up
5Benjamin WILLS Male 15Male 165
7Jacob REYNOLDS Male 15Male 167
8William LACEY Male 15Male 168
9Harvey SHORT Male 15Male 169
1Nathan BATSTONE Male 17-29Male 17-291
4Danny NICHOLLS Male 17-29Male 17-294
5Harrison PASCOE-WHITE Male 17-29Male 17-295
7Alfie LOVELL Male 17-29Male 17-297
9Lauren STACK Male 17-29Male 17-299Riding Up
10Logan FORD Male 17-29Male 17-2910
12Kieron SAUNDERS Male 17-29Male 17-2912
13Taylor NUTT Male 16Male 17-2913
14Zac HUDSON Male 16Male 17-2914
6Corbin BROWN Male 15Male 17-2915Riding Up
12Bradley DAY MastersMale 17-2916
1Scott HOARE MastersMasters1
2Ryan THORNE MastersMasters2
3Meszes ISTVAN MastersMasters3
4Robin LAMB MastersMasters4
5Jarrod SHEAR MastersMasters5
6Lee ARTHURS MastersMasters6
7Matthew EATON MastersMasters7
9Thomas PALMER MastersMasters9
10Daniel HODGE MastersMasters10
11Sean FROST MastersMasters11
1Chris TAYLOR Veterans 40 +Veterans 40 +1
2Daniel BOWLER Veterans 40 +Veterans 40 +2
3Matthew ROWLANDS Veterans 40 +Veterans 40 +3
5Ian GAIT Veterans 40 +Veterans 40 +4
8Lee SweetlandMastersVeterans 40 +5
1Jai KEMP Grand Veteran 50 +Grand Veteran 50 +1
2Andy CorynVeteran 40 +Grand Veteran 50 +2
2Amelie EATON Female 7-8Female 7-82
4Elika ROBINSON Female 7-8Female 7-84
5Libby PENNY Female 7-8Female 7-85
7Darcie SMART Female 7-8Female 7-87
1Kesia WILLIAMS Female 7-8Female 9-101
3Isabella ROWE Female 7-8Female 9-103
5Shaya HURLEY Female 11-12Female 11-125
2Bibi ALDERTON Female 9-10Female 11-126
4Bethany COATES Female 9-10Female 11-127
5Abigail HARES Female 9-10Female 11-128
6Heidi HARRIS Female 9-10Female 11-129
7Sahbina ASHMAN Female 9-10Female 11-1210
1Katie JAMES Female 13-14Female 13-141
2Ellie TAYLOR Female 13-14Female 13-142
3Jaimee ELLWOOD Female 13-14Female 13-143
5Grace REDDIN Female 13-14Female 13-145
8Alicia LINSCOTT Female 13-14Female 13-148
3Summer WILLS Female 11-12Female 13-149
4Freya GRAHAM Female 11-12Female 13-1410
1Agnes HARRISON Female 15-16Female 15-161
3Sara PEEL Female 15-16Female 15-163
5Jessica MULLER Female 15-16Female 15-165
4Grace SPOONER Female 13-14Female 15-166
5Ellie KEMP Female 13-14Female 15-167
1Amelia GRATTON Female 11-12Female 15-168Riding Up
19Lily GULLONMale 14Female 15-169
1Vanessa HARRISON Female 17+Female 17+1
2Caitlin ELLIS Female 17+Female 17+2Riding Up
3Yasmin ENGLAND Female 17+Female 17+3
4Bethan HALLETT Female 17+Female 17+4
5Alisha HUNT Female 17+Female 17+5
6Hannah MCLEAN Female 17+Female 17+6
7Miriam PEEL Female 17+Female 17+7
8Charlotte DAVIS Female 17+Female 17+8
9Lauryn BECK Female 17+Female 17+9
10Emilia SHAKLES Female 17+Female 17+10
11Chloe FARROW Female 17+Female 17+11
4Joanna BANKS Female 15-16Female 17+12Riding Up
2Emily DAY Female 15-16Female 17+13
3Louise BECKMale 15Female 17+14Riding Up