MyLaps & Sqorz

The following race series will be run using transponders this season:
South West Series
South West Championships
HSBC National Series
British Championships

Please ensure you have a valid transponder subscription. MYLAPS and Sqorz have teamed up to create the following utility so when you renew you get a free race credit for your club
Enter the transponder number and it will tell you your subscription status.
If you need to renew select the renewal period 1, 2 or 5 yrs
Enter your email address
In the ‘Support your club’ section, select UK and then select your club.
If your club is not present just select South West BMX Association.
Select Checkout and choose either Card or PayPal
Complete your purchase.
Don’t worry if it doesn’t automatically pickup your renewal status. You can plug your transponder into your laptop or PC and active your subscription via the MYLAPS ProChip FLEX Manager app.