Development Centres

For 2020 we have a new development structure; cluster sessions have been replaced with what is now called the Development Centre session (DC). DC’s are the first step on the British Cycling talent pathway, more information on the progression pathways can be found on the British Cycling website, here. Development centres are an opportunity for the regional coaching team to assess rider skill sets, working on the core skills recognised by British Cycling to help riders in their progression through the pathways. Performance levels will be monitored against a set of criteria by the regional coaching staff and advice and guidance will be given to assist in progression. The best performing riders will be selected to progress into the RSR programme.

DC Qualifying age groups (based on 2018 regional results)

  • 12-16 year old male & female riders qualified in top 8 regional positions 
  • Exceptional 11 year olds male & female qualified in top 2 regional positions 
  • All riders riding up into 13-16 years, who didn’t finish in the top eight
  • 2 wild card entries, assessed by the regional coaching team

DC Pre assessment criteria

  • Riders have transferred past moto stage at regional level
  • Riders are competing at national level events or have intentions to progress to this level
  • Riders are regularly attending club coaching sessions.
  • Riders show a willingness to progress.
  • Riders have a suitable level of enthusiasm and self-motivation.
  • Riders can change their own pedals (if required)
  • Riders bring a kit bag with the required equipment needed for the session.

DC Riders Assessment Criteria 

A full rider assessment criteria will be set following Development Centre 1 – We will gather data during this session that will inform the criteria for the following sessions. These will take shape in a set of flat skills that riders will need to achieve to progress past Development Centre 2. The following is a list of the type of flat skills we will be assessing:

  • 50m Sprint
  • Flat manual
  • Pedal manual
  • Bunny hop

The following track based skills will be required to progress past Development Centre 1. If you are unable to perform these skills consistently you will not progress to Development Centre 2

  • Perform a full pump lap
  • Perform a manual
  • Jump a table top

SW Development Centre Pathway 

Development Centre Registration

Entry is only available via the BC website – no payment on the day. Invitations will be sent out 2 weeks before the event via email.

Development Centre dates 

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Development Centre Rider List

NameAge Group (2018)
Agnes HarrisonFemale 13-14
Alfie BAX16
Amelia GrattonFemale 11-12
Archie Somerset14
Ben Cornish11
Benjamin Wills14
Bethy LawrenceFemale 13-14
Betsy BaxMale 13
Caitlin EllisMale 16
Callum Chard Maple13
Charlie KNOX16
Charlotte DavisFemale 15-16
Corbin Brown14
Correy Hunt13
Darcy PAINEMale 15
Dylan Shipton14
Ed Harrison12
Ellis Tenerry12
Emily DayFemale 15-16
Evie WebsterFemale 11-12
George Webley14
Grace SpoonerFemale 13-14
Harvey Gatting14
Harvey Niemczyk12
Jack Somerset12
Jacob Reynolds14
Jaden Fletcher11
Jenson Egan12
Jessica MullerFemale 13-14
Katie JamesFemale 11-12
Kolby Ellis13
Leah ChappleFemale 15-16
Lily GullonFemale 13-14
Logan FORD16
Louise BeckFemale 13-14
Malachi MILNE15
Max Avery13
Mia FarrowFemale 13-14
Millar Gonzales13
Miriam PeelMale 16
Ned Penny13
Rio Capron13
Samuel Hope12
Sara PeelFemale 13-14
Sienna HarveyFemale 11-12
Sonny Flavell13
Sophie HarrisMale 13
Summer WillsFemale 11-12
Tai Bridden12
Taylor Hunt13
Taylor NUTT15
Taylor Sampson13
William Lacey14
William LUDWELLCruiser 09-12
Dillon HANCOCKCruiser 13-14