Development Centres

South West BMX Development Centre Details 2021

This is for riders new to the development centres and existing RSR/NSR Riders. The region will be split into North and South
  • North- Tiverton, Burnham, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Lynfi
  • South – Exeter, Decoy, Torbay, Bideford, Cornwall
One Development centre a month on the same weekend North and South on different days. Lead development coach Simon Rickett will develop the programme and sessions, and for continuity, lead working with club coaches on the delivery. One a month 2 hours for each group. £15, three groups:
  • Boys 10-12 predevelopment
  • Girls 12-16 development
  • Boys 13-16 development
Sessions will run on either Sat or Sunday depending on the club’s preferences on the following weekends. I’d like to start by benchmarking both north and south at Tiverton, again first hour then track skills second. These are the weekends and suggested venues and days to be confirmed once Simon has spoken to all the clubs.
  • 15-16/05 Tiverton South Cluster Tiverton North Cluster
  • 19-20/06 Bath Bideford tbc
  • 10-11/07 Lynfi Exeter tbc
  • 21-22/08 Torbay Burnham tbc
  • 25-26/09 Bristol Cornwall tbc
  • 23-24/10 Decoy Tiverton tbc
Simon will produce the selection criteria for attendance based on the data gathered on the benchmark day. The aim is to have a good number of riders at each session to have quality delivery, the number of coaches will affect this, but also please consider this is not a novice session. The criteria will be public and any riders who are struggling will be provided with an action plan and referred back to their club coach. Simon will have this conversation with riders and parents. Development centres will be preregistration on the BC events page
Please send questions via messenger or the contact details below.
Thank you
Simon Rickett
SWBMX Development Lead