SWBMXA Pathway

One of the objectives of the SWBMXA is to deliver a comprehensive selection and training process to support the development of youth riders. Beginning with a coaching pathway and the development of a Regional School of Racing Calendar the SWBMXA wants to encourage volunteers (coaching and administration) to assist in creating a coaching infrastructure which will support rider development at all age groups feeding into the National development structure focussing particularly on Youth riders (U16).

SWBMXA wants to create and foster a club approach where the emphasis is to provide its membership the opportunity “to be the best they can be” and if club resources do not allow the potential to pass on the rider to a coach/programme who can cater for their needs. This will include making the rider and parent better informed about what skills, techniques and performance milestones needs to be achieved/expected through the development pathway.  Similarly opportunities will be provided for the coaching pathway to develop to support rider development. In developing a calendar of sessions for riders with aspirations to join the British Cycling Apprenticeship Programme or Talent Teams it is envisaged that riders will benefit from the opportunities “to train the best with the best” while coaches and administrators being involved in the programme can take the opportunities provided for professional development.

Regional Schools of Racing coaching sessions will be conducted where possible at National standard tracks and provide the rider to focus on both the technical and tactical requirements of the sport while coached cluster sessions will be club based and provide the opportunity for less experienced riders to learn from their more experienced peers.

To facilitate a more formal rider development pathway it is proposed that SWBMXA will initiate a programme to organise monthly cluster sessions at clubs throughout the region for  riders from ages 8-14. Riders will be invited to take part where their development can be assessed and monitored in a coached environment to help them improve their techniques, skills and race readiness.  Additional Regional School of Racing sessions (minimum of 4) for the best regional Youth Riders (Aged 13-14*) –  up to a maximum of 10 riders – will be organised to offer development opportunities for the regions most talented riders.

Based on their performances at the RSR’s riders may be considered for selection to represent the SW Region at the Inter Regional competition at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester in September.

*selection based on performance and coach assessment. Riders aged 11-12 may also be included in the programme if identified as requiring fast tracking