Series Points Calculations

Individual Standings:

  • The Series Standings will be calculated from the riders best 7 results of the 10 regionals.
  • All riders that participate in 7 of the 10 rounds will receive a series trophy.
  • Riders who complete 4/5/6 rounds will be able to purchase a round at £5 per round missed.
  • Novice classes are not eligible for an end of season trophy as riders receive trophies/medals at each round.
  • Novice classes are not inlcuded within the Individual Standings.

Club Standings:

  • The Club Standings will be calculated from the clubs best 7 results on the day for each round.
  • Riders must check at sign-in that they are attributed to the correct club.
  • Novice results are not included within the Club Standings.

Series Points Structure and Points Qualification Rules:

Moto Points
Moto Points
B-Final Points
A-Final Points
Did Not Start (DNS)8
Did Not Finish (DNF)8

Example: A rider winning each of their Motos and the A Final will score 8+8+8+76 = 100 Series Points

  1. Riders will qualify for points as indicated in the table above.
  2. Moto points are given to riders for each of their three Motos.
  3. Where classes are combined (e.g. one class has less than eight riders) the points will be awarded as follows;
    1. Moto points as per each rider’s actual finishing position in each Moto.
    2. Final points for the main class will be awarded according to their finishing position after the combined class riders have been removed.
    3. Final points for the combined class will be awarded according to their finishing position in their own class i.e. a rider finishing 6th in a B final will be awarded 1st place points if he is the first placed rider in that class.
    4. Where a combined class exceeds 8 riders, the class is treated as one race class for the purposes of transferring to following rounds. Combined class riders are not removed from the racing except by natural race elimination.
    5. Where two combined classes gives 8 or less riders their finishing position will be calculated at the completion of all races as shown.
  4. When there are eight riders or less in a class, the riders shall compete as one group and race 3 Motos with the points awarded for each placing plus a 4th GP Final Race with “A” Final series points awarded on the results of the combined four races.
  5. Where riders in the final qualification places are tied on points, the tie will be decided by the rider’s best finish in the preceding qualifiers. The tie breaker will be decided in descending order starting with the 3rd, then the 2nd and then the 1st Moto finish result. If result is still tied then lap times from the motos will be used to determine the qualifying rider.
  6. In classes with semi-finals the riders finishing in 5th – 8th places will compete in a “B” Final.
  7. When competitors share the same number of Series Total points, tie breaking is performed:
    1. The competitor with the highest number of points earned, in a single event, that counts towards their series total, is awarded the better rank.
    2. If a tie remains, the next highest points for each competitor are compared, and so on, until all events that contribute to their series total are exhausted.
    3. Competitors who still cannot be separated will share the same rank.